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Dans l'option :

Go to Configuration -> Hosting plans and servers -> New server tab
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Servers has these conguration parameters:

Give name to your server for your own reference.
Your server hostname. Used to connect and generate link to control panel. Can also be IP address if does not have assigned hostname.
IP Address
Your server ip address, ie: This is the most important server setting. API uses this IP to connect to server manager.
Assigned IP Addresses:
List the IP Addresses assigned to the server here, t hese are used to check which domains in BoxBilling are pointing to your server.
Server access
If you are reseller on server choose I am reseller on this server and cannot setup other reseller accounts option. Choose this option if you are not sure when you are reseller or not. Choose I have root access on this server and can setup other reseller accounts when you are root on server.
Disabled servers will not be listed in drop down menus.
Primary/Secondary/Tertiary/Quaternary Nameservers - these are the nameservers for this server, eg. ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com - used in welcome email and when registering domains
Server Manager
Type of server manager installed on server.
Server Manager username
Username to connect to server manager API. Usually name you use to connect to your control panel. (root/reseller)
Server Manager password
Password for user to connect to server manager API. Leave this field blank for cPanel/Whm manager.
Access Hash
Used only with cPanel/Whm manager instead of password. This is also known as “Remote access key” you can find it at WHM.
Source : Selling hosting services ? BoxBilling v2 documentation