VPS Promotion - 1 Euro

It's winter and to celebrate this big, we offer you a discount of 98% on our managed VPS Plan 3.

Description (FAQ)

What is a managed VPS?
- This is a 100% dedicated server. Managed means we take care of everything for you. The Administration is your responsibility like a shared hosting.

What is included?
- The Planethoster VPS is high-end. We do not do low-cost. In other words, we do no cut corners. There are no hidden fees. Everything is included. The infrastructure is 100% Enterprise SSD, the Internet is premium (better latency, optimized via Noction IRP), configured firewall, and more. We even migrate your old host to PlanetHoster for free! All of this supported 24/7 by our passionate team.

Why are we doing this?
- To allow you to test our VPS outsourced, without commitment. You may have been tempted previously to try the dedicated experience and this may have resulted in a mishap due to the incompetence of the old host, or maybe the universe of dedicated server fascinates you? All reasons are good to make the jump. Our managed VPSs have been used by nearly 2,000 customers and the response motivates us daily.

Non-binding offer 98% discount
Managed VPS Plan3 (complete description: here):

  • 30GB SSD Entreprise RAID10

  • 3GB RAM

  • 2 dedicated IP addresses

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Traffic

  • No hidden fees

  • 100% managed by our 24/7 team

  • Migration of yout data for free (previous host to PlanetHoster)!

  • cPanel included

  • R1SOFT backups included (20 days)

  • High-end Infrastructure


In France: Go, I order (98% Off!)

In Canada: Go, I order (98% Off!)

98% discount on the first month. Without hidden costs and without commitment.

Question? Call us
  • FR: +33 1 76 60 41 43
  • BE: +32 28 08 13 21
  • CH: +41 31 528 01 41
  • UK: +44 (0)808 189 0423
  • AU: +61 18 0035 1172
  • US: +1 855 774-4678
  • CA: +1 855 774-4678
  • QC: +1 514 802-1644
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Membre du personnel
Bonjour SQMTL,

La solution VPS a évolué vers la solution HybridCloud depuis le temps.

Nous pouvons vous offrir le premier mois à 1 euro pour notre solution HybridCloud de base.

Si cela vous intéresse, je vous invite à contacter notre département commercial: